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Candlefy Premium Scented Candles

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We were super excited to find this candle line at Market.  They are also a small business which you know we love to buy from! So you are helping two small business by purchasing. The ladies were so sweet and the line is so sleek looking not to mention how AMAZING they smell.

Expect the best. We hand-pour every candle in our Los Angeles, California studio and strictly use the finest quality ingredients. The result is a Premium Scented Candle that burns cleaner, longer and stronger, for truly room filling aromas. Maximum Scent Load. Our hot throw, meaning the release of fragrance while the candle is burning, is what sets us apart. We achieve an unparalleled scent throw intensity by using a premium coconut-soy-apricot wax blend, which allows a scent load of 12.5% (the ratio of scent to wax). A pure soy candle, in contrast, can only absorb 8% scent. As a result, our candles include 56% more scent than even the best soy candles in the market. Each candle is made of: Natural Coconut-Soy-Apricot Wax Blend Phthalate + Carcinogen Free Fragrance Oils Natural Cotton Fiber Wick Never Animal Tested
Made in United States of America

Candle Size. Each candle is made of 8oz of natural wax with an approximate burn time of 40-60 hours. The jar has a diameter of 2.9" and is 3.5" tall. 

Tobacco Rum Transport yourself to a night in Havana with notes of tropical Caribbean teakwood enhanced with hints of ginger and peppercorn and a woody base of sandalwood, amber, and musk. Masculine, rich, rugged, and grounding. 

Night Jasmine. This soft, dreamy scent conjures memories of balmy summer nights. Its light notes of lemon and ginger perfectly fold into a bold honeysuckle jasmine aroma. 

Juniper Berries- With its Scandinavia heritage, Juniper Berries is a magical scent that blends fresh evergreens with warm fruits. Experience the aromas of deep red berry balanced by mossy woods and juniper leaf. Juniper Berries has the rare ability to refresh your home while creating an utmost cozy atmosphere.

Santal. Derived from a tree native to India, sandalwood’s, earthy, smooth and sophisticated scent with woody undertones takes you on a sensual, spiritual journey. 

French Vanilla-. Delicious in any room at any time of year, this buttercream, vanilla bean, and cake scent with base notes of sugar and bourbon create a luxurious aroma that conjures fresh baked delicacies that both comfort and delight.