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Pruinosa Guatemala Live Plant

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The Tillandsia Pruinosa Guatemala is a smaller air plant known for is its highly dense, fuzzy trichomes with legs that tend to spread out. This one can blush a beautiful deep reddish purple when grown in high light. Pruinosa Guatemala has an exotic nice shape and produces a bright pink flower.

Approximate size: 2-4 inches tall or wide.

These plants are low maintenance, making them a great choice for people who are new to indoor plants.

They need regular daily indirect or filtered sunlight (so fine for desks, shelves, bathrooms or bedrooms). A weekly water is all they require - although you can always give them a mist in between if they look a little dry.

Air plants prefer regular air circulation, so we suggest open terrariums rather than the kind with lids.

We stock an air plant fertilizer which is ideal for this plant - check out the 'Supplies' section of our shop to see more. We also have a wide range of fillers which you can use as a base in any plant pot you might use. Orchid bark is a great choice for this!

Details & Care:
- Tillandsia Pruinosa Guatemala
- One plant
- Pictured planter not included, see our shop for a wide variety of planters!
- Indoor plants, open terrariums or mounted on wood or bark
- Requires a regular source of indirect or filtered light
- Mist or dunk once a week, mist with water spray as necessary
- Low maintenance plants, suitable for beginners

This one is 4-5 inches